x steven diaz!!!!1!1113!

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i post acacia stuff but this is really a steven diaz blog tbh and we awl know it

Anonymous said: it looks like her face is edited in her icon.

Well, it probably is, anon. It probably is.


Anonymous said: Whats happening between acacia and sam?


When Sam and acacia broke up he sent her nudes to everyone and ruined her life, now she brought it up and he’s being a baby about it


wow she looks really different

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acacia brinley clark acacia clark acacia brinley

kamnormand said: What is the blog of acacia?


Anonymous said: Why do you have a blog about acacia if oh don't like her? Don't run a blog on someone you don't like

Hahaha well I liked her a lot! That’s why I started a blog about her! But it’s kind of not really how I want to spend my time anymore. I’ll probably just keep it, though haha and I’ll still post pictures now and then.

coolwelcomeinthisfuckingworld said: Why she is a bad influence to u?

Because she acts very immature and rude and uses profanity and listens to bad music and is not the kind of person that I want to have any influence of my life and who I am.

niallersmel said: you dont like acacia anymore? why?!

She’s a bad influence on me

thatchristianbabe said: Did cacia get another tattoo on her hand

No, pretty sure that was henna.

raspberry-nights said: where do u get her pictures from?

I I reblog from other Acacia blogs and from Acacia’s social media websites.


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